The smartest minisplit controller.

Cuby G4

$1,595 MXN
VAT Included. Free shipping in Mexico.

Cuby G4 + noise sensor and complementary presence detector.

Cuby G4 PRO

$1,995 MXN
VAT Included. Free shipping in Mexico.
Compatible with all makes and models of mini-split air conditioners.

Make your Air Conditioner smart

Control via Internet
The functions of the original remote control on your cell phone, from anywhere in the world.
Schedules and Rules
Automate based on day, hour and minute or use rules to create more complex and customized conditions.
Monitoring and Statistics
It displays ambient temperature, relative humidity, A/C usage and other variables in real time and in a history presented in graphs and statistics.
Energy Saving
Add presence sensors, opening and wall controls to save energy without sacrificing comfort. Sensors sold separately.
Alerts and notifications
Receive alerts to your email and/or cell phone when certain events occur (such as very high or low temperature).
Share control
Allows other people to control and monitor the Air Conditioner from their cell phone.

Energy Saving

Expands Cuby's functionality with wireless sensors and controls to achieve considerable energy savings in certain applications.

Sentry - Presence Sensor

Place it on the ceiling and it will detect when there are no people, turning off the air or raising the temperature to put it in saving mode.

See Sentry

Bee - Opening Sensor

Place it on the door or window frame and it will detect when it remains open and turn off the air automatically.

See Bee

Aria - Wall Control

An elegant and minimalist control that allows you to set temperature and mode limits. Prevents misuse of the A/C and remote control theft. It is 100% wireless.

See Aria

Zen - Efficiency Sensor

Wireless sensor that measures the cooling capacity of the A/C and records it in the cloud for 1 year to be able to see when it is not cooling as much as it should and to be able to provide maintenance.

See Zen
Cuby G4

High Compatibility

A product for each type of Air Conditioner


Fully compatible

Cuby works with any brand and model of minisplit air conditioner regardless of whether it is inverter or non-inverter. The minisplit does not need to have wifi or be smart because Cuby controls it by infrared (like the original Air remote control).
* We offer guarantee of compatibility with any minisplit.

Fan & Coil UMATCH and VRF

Compatible with most models

If the fan and coil equipment is umatch or vrf and your thermostat has an infrared receiver then Cuby is compatible.

Traditional Fan & Coil

Not Compatible

These devices do not have an infrared receiver and are therefore not compatible with Cuby.

We have smart thermostats specially designed for certain equipment. Our line of Cuby Aria thermostats may have a variant compatible with your air conditioner.
See Thermostats
* If in doubt, please contact us to check compatibility.


Fully compatible

Cassette air conditioners have infrared receivers, so Cuby is compatible with them.
* It is important to check that the infrared receiver is connected.

PTAC with Infrared Receiver


If the console air conditioner (PTAC) has an infrared receiver then it is compatible with Cuby.

PTAC without receiver

Not Compatible

Cuby does not work with PTAC equipment that does not have an infrared receiver.

For these devices we have a special product that connects to the thermostat interface of the PTAC.
See Cuby PTAC

Chiller (Iced Water)

Not Compatible

For Chiller type equipment (chilled water) we have a special thermostat.
See Cuby Aria for Chiller


Not Compatible

For Package type HVAC equipment we have a 24VAC intelligent thermostat.
See Cuby Aria 24V



Configure with the free App

Download the App, create an account and set up your Cuby. This process usually takes less than 2 minutes. In the App you will be able to name the Cuby and configure it to the type of Air Conditioner to be controlled.

See Manual

Place the Cuby

Put Cuby in line of sight with the Minisplit. Cuby will control it by sending infrared signals like the original remote control. Cuby connects to the internet through the WiFi network and uses Bluetooth to connect to the optional wireless sensors.

See Manual

Control with the App and Automate

Use the mobile App for PC ( to control and monitor your Air Conditioner. Create rules, schedules and automations to improve your comfort.

View Tutorials

Remote monitoring

Analyzes Air Conditioner usage as well as ambient temperature and relative humidity to optimize its use. Receive alerts and notifications and view graphs and other usage statistics.

See Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with my minisplit?

Yes, Cuby works with any minisplit regardless of make/model. It works with inverter and traditional minisplits. It does not require the minisplit to have wifi. We offer compatibility guarantee.

What is the warranty?

Warranty against defects: Cuby G4 has 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects (it is a Mexican product so the warranty is very efficient in case it is required).

Compatibility warranty: We offer compatibility warranty with any Minisplit. If it is not compatible we can add remote compatibility or refund your purchase (as long as it was purchased directly from us).

Satisfaction Guarantee: You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a return. You may return the product for a full refund.

How far away does it have to be from the minisplit?

Cuby controls the mini-split by means of high-power infrared transmitters. In most cases it does not matter where it is placed as long as it is in line of sight with the air conditioner to be controlled (within the same room).

It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a piece of furniture.

How do I set it up with Alexa and Google Home?

Para Alexa solo hay que buscar e instalar la skill llamada "Cuby Smart".
Tutorial Cuby <> Alexa.

Para configurar con Google Home hay que agregar un nuevo dispositivo inteligente y buscar en la lista "Cuby Smart".

What is the difference between Cuby G4 and Cuby G4 Pro?

The Cuby G4 Pro has all the functions of the Cuby G4 and also has a sound sensor which allows to visualize in real time and in a history (graph) the decibels in the room. It is possible to receive alerts when the noise level is above the limit for a certain time and at a certain time.

The Cuby G4 Pro has a low range radar which complements the detection of the sentry and in rooms that do not have a ceiling fan can be used without sentry.

One last difference is the central lens, in the case of the G4 Pro it has a white spherical lens to make it more discreet in vacation rental applications.

How is it installed?

Just place it somewhere in the room where the minisplit is, download the free App and configure it. Cuby connects to the internet through the wifi network and controls the air conditioner using infrared (like the original remote control). It takes less than 5 minutes and can be done by anyone.

Can I check when I am away from home?

No matter where you are in the world you will be able to monitor and control your Air Conditioner in real time through the internet as long as your Cuby has a WiFi network with internet available.

Is there a monthly fee?

There are no monthly membership or license fees.

How do I configure the shutdown in case of absence and/or opening of doors and windows?

It is required to first purchase and install a Presence (Sentry) or Opening (Bee) sensor. Once installed, it is only assigned to the Cuby from the mobile App and the shutdown times are configured. The connection between the Cuby and the sensors is 100% wireless.

How do I configure the shutdown in case of absence and/or opening of doors and windows?

It is required to first purchase and install a Presence (Sentry) or Opening (Bee) sensor. Once installed, it is only assigned to the Cuby from the mobile App and the shutdown times are configured. The connection between the Cuby and the sensors is 100% wireless.