Intelligent level meter for stationary LP Gas tank.


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Intelligent sensor

Don't run out of gas

Cuby Helios monitors in real time and with very high accuracy the level of your stationary gas tank and sends this information to the internet in real time.

High wireless range

No matter how far away your LP-Gas tank is, the wireless LP-Gas sensor has a range of more than 500 meters.
With Helios there are no coverage problems.


Cuby Helios includes an indoor unit with a display that shows the gas level in your tank in real time at all times.

The connection between the tank sensor and the indoor unit is 100% wireless and with ultra high range technology so you will have no connection problems.

Internet connection

Thanks to the dual technology, your sensor will always be connected to the internet without the need for coverage or repeaters.
As long as you have WiFi in your home or business the LP gas sensor will connect wirelessly to the indoor unit which in turn connects to the internet via WiFi. This completely eliminates signal problems.

The most accurate sensor

Cuby Helios has a super high precision sensor which allows you to measure the level with very little error and with a resolution of 0.1%.
The recharges detected in real time by the sensor are very accurate and allow you to know how much you really recharged.


In addition to displaying the gas level on your smartphone via the internet, you can also do it on a screen inside your home.

The display is placed inside the house (ideally in the kitchen). It only requires a plug as the communication with the tank sensor is 100% wireless and very high range.


The LP gas level sensor for stationary tank is 100% wireless, with high quality materials and completely waterproof.

It has an integrated display to visualize the % of LP gas in the tank.

It uses a very high range wireless technology to communicate with the display so you will never have coverage problems.

It uses a very high precision sensor so you have real and current readings.


Remote Monitoring

Use the mobile App or a computer to know how much LP gas you have in your tank and also to view the history and refills.

Real-time data transmission

You will know how much gas you have left in the tank at all times, even when you are not near the tank because it connects to the Internet.

1 year history

View a 1-year history to analyze your LP gas usage and view the gas refills you have had.

Average consumption

The App calculates the average consumption so you know how much LP Gas you are spending per day.

Remaining days of gas

The App shows you how many days you have left with gas based on the current level and your average consumption. Avoid running out of gas.

Find out about important events

Alerts and Notifications

Low Gas Level
When the LP-Gas level of your stationary tank is below the set limit you will receive an alert to your cell phone and email.
Gas Refueling
Receive a notification when your tank is topped up with the final percentage of refueling. You can also see in the App how much they refilled.
Sensor removed
If someone removes the sensor from the stationary tank you will receive a real-time alert notifying you.
Low battery
The sensor has a very long battery life (more than 4 years). When it is time to change it you will receive a notification.
Water ingress
The sensor is IP68 protected and is fully water and weather resistant. In case it is improperly closed and moisture enters the sensor will alert you.
Sensor failure
If the sensor is not working properly or the connection is lost for any reason, you will receive an alert.
Instant accuracy

Gas Refills

Thanks to the DUAL technology of the Helios and its high accuracy in readings, we are able to provide you with gss recharge information instantly and with excellent precision.

Visualize the recharge in real time

As soon as the sensor detects that gas is being refilled in the tank, it will start reporting every 3 seconds so that you can see in real time the refueling.


Once the recharge is finished, you will be able to see the total in percentage and liters that were accurately recharged.


View 1 year's recharges to compare how much you have been recharged in the past.

Install in minutes



Configure with the free App

Download the App, create an account and configure the indoor unit (display).

The Display can be placed anywhere in the house but it is suggested that it goes in the kitchen so you can easily visualize the gas level without having to use your cell phone.

The Display only needs to be connected to a power outlet and WiFi.

See Manual

Removes the original tank cover

Remove the two small screws that hold the original cover.

See Manual

Place the wireless sensor

Place the Helios wireless LP gas sensor in the correct orientation where the original faceplate was and use the 2 screws included to secure it. DO NOT remove the 4 screws that attach the float to the tank.

Once the sensor is in place it will display the current gas level and begin to report the gas level in real time.

See Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect to the Internet?

The Helios LP gas tank level measurement system consists of 2 parts: Display and Tank Sensor.

The tank sensor is 100% wireless and communicates with the display by means of a very high range signal (up to 500 meters).
The display connects to the internet via WiFi and keeps in sync all the data stored in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere in the world in real time.

What is the warranty?

It has 3 years warranty against factory defects directly with us.

We offer 30 days satisfaction guarantee. You can return the product in good condition within 30 days of purchase for a 100% refund.

Can it be used without Internet?

Yes, if you do not have Internet or do not need the functions of the App, simply connect the Display to a socket and it will show the tank readings on the screen.

What temperature can it withstand?

The sensor is designed to work up to 70°C but it is suggested not to operate above 50°C as high temperatures decrease battery life. When the stationary gas tank has the lid on, the temperature remains low even when the sun is shining directly on it.

Is it difficult to install?

It takes only a few minutes and can be done by anyone.

1. Connect the Display inside the house, it can be in the Kitchen.
2. Use the App to configure the Display.
3. Remove the original cover of your stationary gas tank. Be careful to only remove the 2 screws that hold it in place.
4. Place and screw the Helios Tank Sensor, using the 2 screws included.

How long does the battery last?

The stationary tank sensor uses a CR123A battery which will last on average 4 to 5 years . This battery is easily replaced.

How accurate is it?

It is one of the most accurate sensors on the market due to its design. The sensor has an error of +- 1% although in most cases its readings do not usually give errors as low as 0.5% or less.

Is it waterproof?

The sensor has an advanced design that makes it fully waterproof, with IP68 protection.

In addition to the protection, it has an internal humidity sensor which alerts you in case of water ingress. Water ingress could only happen if someone opened the sensor and did not close it properly.

How often do you report gas level readings?

The sensor has an algorithm which ensures that you always have an updated reading on the display and on your cell phone. It reports as follows:

1. Every 2 hours.
2. When the gas percentage rises or falls below 1%
3. When the gas is being supplied, it reports every 3 seconds.
4. When it is placed or when it is removed from the tank.
5. When there is a problem with the sensor.
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