Presence Sensor for Air Conditioning


$1,595 MXN
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Intelligent sensor

Saves Energy

Sentry turns off or puts the Air Conditioner in Saving mode (higher temperature) when there is no one in the room. When the person returns, it can recover the status it had previously.

Automatic shutdown

When it detects that there are no people for a certain period of time, the Sentry turns off the A/C.

This can be done even without a Cuby, achieving a low cost solution since only the Sentry is required.

Setback mode

When there are no people in the room, instead of turning off the A/C, it switches to a higher temperature to save energy. This prevents the room from getting too hot when the person is not there.

This mode requires a Cuby.

Night Mode

Do not turn off the A/C while someone is sleeping in the room.

State Recovery

When the person returns to the room the A/C switches to the last setting the user had. This allows for complete automation to save money without sacrificing comfort.

This function requires a Cuby.


Remote Monitoring

Use the mobile App or a computer to know when there are people in each room equipped with Sentry.

Real-time presence

The app tells you the last time there was movement in each room.

Presence History

Displays a 3-month history of presence with 1-minute resolution.

Occupancy Registration

With the presence history you can know which rooms were occupied and for how long.

Cleaning status

Make sure that the cleaning crew is indeed coming in to clean the rooms.




Configure with the free App

Download the App, create an account and configure the Sensor.

If you have Cuby G4 (or similar) you can link the Sentry to the Cuby to extend the functionality and view presence data via internet.

See Manual

Place the Sentry

The sentry is 100% wireless and includes double-sided tape for quick installation. Just stick it on the ceiling and you're ready to go.

If desired, it can also be screwed on (screw and socket included).

See Manual

Remote monitoring

Use the mobile App for PC ( to monitor presence and movement history. Find out when there are people in each of the rooms that have sentry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with my minisplit?

Yes, Sentry is compatible with all minisplit brands and models. We offer compatibility guarantee.

If you have a Cuby Aria Smart Thermostat (for Fan and Coil, Package, chiller, etc) the Sentry is also compatible. This allows you to use presence on/off on any type of Air Conditioner.

Some Fan and Coil Air Conditioners (UMATCH and VRF) have an infrared receiver in their thermostat so the Sentry is also compatible with those units.

What is the warranty?

Warranty against defects: Sentry has a 3-year warranty against defects.

Compatibility warranty: We offer a compatibility warranty with any Minisplit. If it is not compatible we can add remote compatibility or refund your purchase (as long as it was purchased directly from us).

Satisfaction Guarantee: You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a return. You will be able to return the product in good condition and we will refund your purchase in full.

How far away does it have to be from the minisplit?

Cuby controls the mini-split by means of high-power infrared transmitters. In most cases it does not matter where it is placed as long as it is in line of sight with the air conditioner to be controlled (within the same room).

It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a piece of furniture.

What if I have a ceiling fan?

There is no problem with ceiling fans as long as the sentry is installed at least 1.5 meters away from the center of the fan.

How is it installed?

1. Configure with the App the operation mode (detection times, night mode, A/C protocol).
2. Stick it on the ceiling in the same room where the air conditioner to be controlled is located.

Does it require a Cuby to operate?

The auto shut-off function when no one is there.

The save/setback mode function (increase temperature instead of turning off).
The status recovery function (auto power on) when the person returns.
Remote monitoring and configuration function.

How do you not turn off the Air while someone is sleeping?

The presence sensor is very sensitive and detects small movements that people make while sleeping.

It has a night mode in which it automatically changes the time of absence during the night, which prevents the A/C from turning off when a person is sleeping.

It is also possible to configure it so that it does not turn off during the night.

How long do the batteries last?

The duration varies between 3 and 5 years. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included and replaceable). It is suggested to use AAA lithium batteries (Energizer L92).

Does it have any connection? How does it control the A/C?

The sensor is 100% wireless. It includes an infrared transmitter which controls the A/C wirelessly (as if the remote control sends an off command). When integrated with a Cuby, the Cuby sends the on/off signal.