Interface for using Nest on Fan & Coil Inverter equipment


$2,958 MXN
VAT included. Free shipping in Mexico.

Nest + F&C Inverter

Cuby XMATCH 2.0 allows you to use Nest thermostats on Fan & Coil inverter equipment. 

Simple Installation

It installs in a matter of minutes.

Broad Compatibility

Compatible with Trane UMATCH/TVR, Midea 1a1, Carrier, York, Mirage, Prestige and others. To check accounting just send us a picture of the original thermostat.

Provides power to the thermostat

Generates 24VAC for the thermostat. No external transformers are required.

Additional Sensors

Compatible with Cuby open and presence sensors. Turns the A/C off when no one is there or with doors and windows open and turns it back on when people return or when they close the doors that were open.


Very simple installation.